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Mission Statement


At the Denver Spice Company, it is our mission to produce unique spice blends that highlight the ever-expanding American food heritage while reflecting on old world traditions.

Our business concept is simple. We find producers of unique, great-tasting, high quality and raw ingredients.  We blend those ingredients using our special traditions, and at the end, we supply small food shops all over America with what we have hand-crafted.

It is our function to facilitate the relationship between great food producers/vendors and those who love great food.


The Denver Spice Company Believes: We have a responsibility to be active in our community and make environmentally sound decisions.

Our blends should be simple and honest. There is no reason to hide how our product is made, where it came from, or what it is made of.

We must be a great place to work for and to work with, not just in theory, but in practice.

The Denver Spice Company is powered with the utmost practices of respect, consideration, freedom, fun, creativity, voice and reward.

I’m looking forward to sharing the Denver Spice Company and its authentic, hand-crafted blends with you,

President/Chief Blender

Denver Spice Company