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Where To Purchase Our Blends

Farmer’s Markets – Purchase our hand-crafted blends at two of Denver‘s most prominent and popular farmer’s markets.  Stop by to enjoy the aroma of fresh roasting Dukkah, olive oil and fresh, locally baked bread. And while your there, don’t forget to try a sample of our blends “in-the-making”. We want to hear your opinions!


South Pearl Street Market – DENVER
When: Every Sunday, Starting May 20th
Where: 1200 Block of S. Pearl Street in Denver
Highland Farmers Market – WEST OF DOWNTOWN DENVER
When: Every Saturday, Starting June 2nd
Where: Between 15th & 16th Street in the Highlands







Carry Our Blends

Are you interested in offering our authentic products within your specialty food shop or restaurant?

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Retailers Near You

We are carefully adding small food retailers hopefully near you.  We control our own distribution so we can assure that our products are always fresh and presented accurately.
Don’t see your favorite specialty food store?

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The Spice Crew

Become a part of the “The Spice Crew” and receive free samples of our “up and coming” blends. We would love to hear from you and your thoughts are important to us!

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